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Transportation by cars and minibuses for guaranteed rates is an economical alternative to trains and flights between Tabor and Prague. Drivers speak English and drive with care and ease. We accept Euro, US Dollar and credit cards. Cars are clean, modern and comfortable (Mercedes Benz, BMW). All taxis are insured and licensed.

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How long does it take to drive from Prague to Tabor?

The distance to drive Prague distance between Prague and Tabor Tabor is approximately 95 km
Average travel time is 1 hour 21 minutes

Booking a taxi between Prague and Tabor

Transportation bookings are accepted with minimum 24 hours notice. Should you need to book the transfer with shorter notice, please call Martin: 00420 775 744 447 or send an email.

RouteMinivan - Comfort class
(up to 8 persons, price per transfer not per person)
Luxury wagon - Business class
(up to 4 passengers, price per transfer not per person)
A 76€ 91€
B 76€ 91€
C 76€ + waiting 15 € per hour 91€ + waiting 15 € per hour
D 153€ 182€
E 153€ 182€
F 153€ 182€
  1. Prague to Tabor (one way) transfers from Prague book transportation between Prague and Tabor !
  2. Tabor to Prague (one way) transfers from Tabor book transportation between Tabor and Prague!
  3. Prague to Tabor day trip day trip to Tabor Book day trip from Prague to Tabor
  4. Tabor to Prague day trip day trip to Prague from Tabor Book day trip from Tabor to Prague!
  5. Prague to Tabor and return to Prague on a different day transportation from Prague to Tabor and return Book taxi from Prague to Tabor and return!
  6. Tabor to Prague and return to Tabor on a different day return taxi Tabor Prague Book taxi from Tabor to Prague and return!

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Why Martin's taxi transfers:

  • Economical, comfortable, door to door transfers
  • Reliable, reputable and personal taxi service
  • Flexible, time efficient and cost effective
  • Premium German cars and minibuses: Mercedes Benz and BMW
  • Non smoking and air conditioned taxis
  • Fixed rates confirmed at the time of the taxi booking
  • Once you booked a taxi between Prague and Tabor, the rate is confirmed, the rate can not increase even if our rates go up
  • Taxis are insured above standard limits, all taxis have insured passengers' seats and baggage compartment
  • 24/7 support in English on phone: 00420 775 744 447
  • Free taxi cancellation with a minimum 24 hours notice
  • Credit cards accepted in taxi: VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS

Prague ↔ Tabor

Prague Tabor taxi is available door to door for flat rate all year round. Taxis are comfortable BMW 5 series, Mercedes Benz E class station wagons and Mercedes Benz Vito minibuses. Prague Tabor transfers are provided by English speaking drivers.

Martin's Taxi Transfers are based in Prague, but transfers are operated both ways from as well as to Tabor. Taxi transportation is flexible, early morning or late night departure is not a problem, we leave according to your schedule. There is never extra charge during holidays, night or special events. Price of the transfer is Euro 76€ (comfort class).

The comfort class - minibus transfer - is available for taxi between Prague and Tabor. The minivans can accommodate up to 8 passengers with the luggage. Price of the transfer is the same for one person as for the eight persons. Thus the transportation is the most economical for groups of 8 passengers.

The business class - limousine taxi - we drive Mercedes Benz E class and BMW 5 series (station wagons for extra baggage space), all taxis are insured, safe and clean.

All our vehicles have modern GPS, are non smoking, and are fully insured. In case our taxi is involved in an accident or if a vehicle breaks down, we supply standin vehicle and driver. If we fail to provide the transportation, we pay the alternative transportation used instead of our taxi service (does not count in cases of unpredictable occurrences e.g. road accidents (e.g. road closures, flooding), other natural disasters and impassable sectors, late booking amendments and similar).

Drivers are friendly and helpful. We drive via the most efficient and comfortable route. Drivers drive safely and with ease. Chauffeurs obey the traffic rules, use indicators and handsfree Plantronics headsets in case they need to contact the dispatcher.

Tabor on google maps

Husite museum
Tabor underground tunnels
Bechyne gate and tower
Zizka monument


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Tabor is a city of the Czech Republic, in the South Bohemian Region. It is named after Mount Tabor, which is believed by many to be the place of the Transfiguration of Christ; however, the name became popular and nowadays translates to camp or encampment in Czech.

The town was founded in the spring of 1420 by Petr Hromadka of Jistebnice and Jan Bydlinsky of Bydlin from the most radical wing of the Hussites, who soon became known as the Taborites. The town is iconic for the years in which it flourished as an egalitarian peasant commune. This spirit is celebrated in Smetana's "Song of Freedom", made famous in the English-speaking world by Paul Robeson's recording in Czech and English.

The historical part of the town is situated on the summit of an isolated hill separated from the surrounding country by the Luznice river and by an extensive lake, to which the Hussites gave the biblical name of Jordan. This lake, founded 1492, is the oldest reservoir of its kind in Central Europe. The historical importance of the city of Tabor only ceased when it was captured by King George of Podebrady in 1452. The Jordan is 53 hectares in size and is used for swimming in the summer.

Though a large part of the ancient fortifications had been demolished, Tabor (or Hradiste Hory Tabor, the castle of the Tabor Mountain, as it was called in the Hussite period) still preserves many memorials of its past fame. In the centre of the city is Zizka Square. Only very narrow streets lead to it, to render the approach to it more difficult in time of war. First-time visitors may not even suspect that there is an ingenious labyrinth of tunnels under the houses and streets here. The townspeople dug cellars under their houses and these were subsequently interconnected; an approximately 1 km-long section of the tunnel system is open to the public.

In the centre of the square is the statue of Jan Zizka, the greatest of the Hussite leaders. Here also is the Dean Church of Lord's Conversion on Mount Tabor, built in 1516 in the style of the Bohemian Renaissance, and the town hall, in connection with which a museum has been founded, which contains interesting memorials of the Hussite period, such as farm carts which doubled as battle wagons. Major parts of the ancient fortifications and the ancient Kotnov tower and gate of Bechyne near the tower still exist.

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Mercedes Benz car / minivan guaranteed for all Tripadvisor user bookings. Simply put your TA nickname in "additional information" field on the booking form. All passengers will also get free bottled water.

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